Due to the coronavirus threat, public masses will not be held in our parish and throughout the Diocese. May God bless you and keep you safe!
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Our mission is to be Christ to each other and to lead others
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Sacrament of Confession during coronavirus pandemic:       

The sacrament of confession or reconciliation is a beautiful healing gift from Jesus to his church.  It is the primary will of Jesus for his disciples, formed in the church that he himself established almost 2000 years ago, to celebrate reconciliation of oneself to the father through the gift of the church.  (Jn. 20:19-23)  However, having emphasized the normalcy of participating in the sacrament of confession, there are rare exceptions.  God‘s mercy is limitless.

During these days of seclusion and extreme social distancing, the church reminds us of her position in dealing with the sacrament of reconciliation when it is not readily available.

If the case arises that the lay faithful cannot have the opportunity to confess one on one with his/her pastor or priest, the following must be remembered and shared with them:

“Where the individual faithful find themselves in the painful impossibility of receiving sacramental absolution, it should be remembered that perfect contrition, coming from the love of God, beloved above all things, expressed by a sincere request for forgiveness (that which the penitent is at present able to express) and accompanied by votumconfessionis, that is, by the firm resolution to have recourse, as soon as possible, to sacramental confession, obtains forgiveness of sins, even mortal ones”  (Note from Apostolic Penitentiary; see CCC, 1452).

The conditions for perfect contrition are:

1. Love of God

2. Sincere desire for forgiveness

3. An ardent commitment to receive the sacrament of reconciliation when available. 





We would greatly appreciate your donation! Please mail your ticket stubs and money or drop off in the Candle Room Safe. 

If you have turned in your ticket stubs and money and would like a Refund please send an email to Rachel at raquel527@msn.com.

We will be contacting you in the next week to ask you on whether you would like a refund or would like to leave the ticket stubs you’ve turned in for the drawing in October.

As always, please be assured of our prayers for you and your family. 

A reflection from Fr Bob 03/29/20

Scriptural reflection on the Fifth Sunday of Lent:

The prophet Ezekiel spoke for the Lord saying, “Thus says the Lord GOD:  O my people, I will open your graves and have you rise from them, and bring you back to the land of Israel.  This reading is about encouragement and great hope in God’s mercy!  

I can’t help but think how the Lord is speaking to us today, that He will raise us out of our tomb of anxiety and fear in dealing with the uncertainty of the coronavirus.  I believe the holy Scriptures are reminding us that God will get us through this trying time and call us back as a family of God to worship at our church in His due time.  

Likewise, as Sunday’s first reading gives us hope in the here and now,  the second reading, 
reminds us that God not only rescues us from our trials in dying moments in this world, but for those who have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, God will raise them up to eternal life in the next world.....

Additionally, today’s gospel speaks of hope and resurrection.  If we truly hope and believe in the resurrection, I think today’s gospel gives us a gentle directive.  After Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Lazarus, come out!” then the Scripture passage tell us that the dead man came out, tied hand and foot with burial bands, and his face was wrapped in a cloth. 

Upon seeing Lazarus the dead man raised to life bound in burial bands, Jesus simply said to them, “Untie him and let him go.“  I love this part of the gospel where Jesus tells the disciples to untie Lazarus.  

Jesus is asking us to untie the bands and bonds that are keeping each of us bound down as brothers and sisters such as feeling isolated, lonely, fearful or downtrodden.  Jesus is inviting us to help each other know the freedom AND the peace of mind that comes from one another’s love and the love of Christ.  Christ is inviting us to assist each other during this difficult time.  

Let us not simply think about HOPE in the resurrection, but LET US put it into practice. Call five people today and show them that you love them.

FROM FR. BOB 03/28/20

Dear friends,

Now that we are asked to stay home, and many of you are unable to come to church, I want to affirm the importance of the family being the Domestic Church!  I’m sure that many of you miss the beauty of our church as well as our Eucharistic Lord.

Some of our older parishioners have kept alive a beautiful tradition of having a sacred space in the home with an altar upon which statues of saints and images of Jesus are placed.  Oftentimes these altars have rosaries, candles and other religious artifacts to help visualize the reality of the unseen spiritual realm.  

I encourage those families who do not have a little space in the home with an altar, to think about creating a sacred space in their home during these difficult days.  Perhaps each person in the family could put one or two objects on that little altar with holy cards and whatnot so that it could be a focal point for prayer as individuals and as a family.

God did not make us angels.  He gave us a body and soul and we encounter the spiritual through the physical realm.  Signs and symbols are very powerful.  It’s through the senses that we can relate to the spiritual.  

Although you do not have at this time the visual effects that you receive at our church, there’s no reason to be deprived of important sacred visual images at your home.  Sacred images draw us into the mystery of God and remind us of His unseen power, grace and presence.  Think about setting up an altar in a sacred space at your home and you will not be disappointed.  

Missing you all so terribly much, but in God’s due time things will be back to normal.  Meantime, let us dig in our heels and keep seeking the Lord with a greater intensity and holy zeal!  God bless you all and keep you in the palm of His hand.


Fr. Bob


My dear friends, 
I highly encourage you to join me in Mass this Sunday at 9:30 AM. I will be celebrating Mass privately and offering you and your families in prayer.  As a family, please gather around your TV and watch the professionally televised Cathedral TV Mass so we can be united in the spirit of prayer!

Effective with this Sunday’s broadcast, the Cathedral TV Mass will be seen and heard  live on the following platforms:
KDF-TV  Ch 47
Listenlive internet Stream on KLUX
Streaming Video/audio on GoCCN.org
Diocese of Corpus Christi Website – diocesecc.org
Diocese of Corpus Christi Facebook - facebook.com/DioceseOfCorpusChristi
Corpus Christi Cathedral Facebook - facebook.com/CorpusChristiCathedral
KLUX 89.5 HD Radio Facebook - facebook.com/KLUX-895-HD-Radio-205819018620/
Vimeo Channel – vimeo.com/dioceseofcorpuschristi
YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCggvMv_6-aPi3uG-F3-GPoA/featured?disable_polymer=1
MP3 and video files will be available for download at:
no later than 2pm the same day

FROM FR. BOB 03/27/20

Dear Friends,

I realize that most of us are trying to make sense of the coronavirus invasion with it’s multitude of effects on individuals, nations and the whole world.   In this search for making sense of this crisis all too often some people attempt to read the heart and mind of God. 

Some very sincere people proclaim that this is a punishment from God.  Who are we to know the heart and mind of God?  While I do not doubt the sincerity of this way of thinking, it’s an erroneous effort to try to read the heart and mind of God as “God‘s ways are not man’s ways.” 

The only certain way to know the will and mind of God is to look at divine revelation which comes to us through His Church and Sacred Scriptures.  God has revealed to us that He constantly calls us back to Himself.  He sent into the world our Savior Jesus Christ to deliver us from ourselves.  At all times, Jesus is inviting us to an abundant life through His death and resurrection.  He ceaselessly showers His Spirit upon us.  “God wishes not the death of a sinner but that all should live. “ 

Everything in life is God’s gift and all our human experiences and events are His providential goodness guiding us to Himself. 

All of life is an invitation to look to God and to find hope in the strength of our Faith in His unconditional, perfect and everlasting love....this we know from Revelation. 

Let us not attribute to God anything other than the gift of life, love and the opportunity that this crisis presents us to either abandon Him or to cling to Him.  In our uncertainty and grief... one thing we can know for certain is that as human beings we are vulnerable and very dependent on God.  

Perhaps this difficult time will help us to slow down and cherish every breath we take and be grateful for every person that God permits us to encounter in life. 

With resolute hearts, let us pray for an end of the virus, for blessings and protection on all health workers, for the mercy of God to guide those who have been infected with the virus and their families, and for the repose of the souls of all those who have died from this virus.  

Let us continue to give Him thanks and praise, in season and out of season, and let us hold one another in our thoughts and prayers!  


Fr. Bob

FROM FR. BOB 03/25/20

Dear friends, 

I continue to hold you in my thoughts and prayers as we all buckle down and seclude ourselves in order to protect life!  There are not too many times in our lifetime when we can do nothing and yet bring about the greatest common good in society.  

Now having said that, of course there are plenty of things we can do at home.  

First of all, it is good to stay abreast of the news; however, listening to it too much can cause undue anxiety and stress.   

Secondly, it’s very important that we take care of ourselves foremost spiritually with prayer, scripture reading, and watching EWTN which has wonderful programs including professional and dignified TV Masses.

Thirdly, watch TV, read a book, exercise, walk outside or do some kind of hobby to bring yourselves some emotional relief during this time of uncertainty and stress.

The Christian journey is one of balance.   Hopefully you are getting some rest and relaxation, as well as working and connecting with God in various ways.   I miss you very much and I Love you all!


Fr. Bob



Dear friends, 

This Lenten season will undoubtably be one of the most, if not the most, memorable and painful Lenten seasons of our lifetime because of the corona virus crisis.  Not only do I feel a deep grief because I cannot celebrate Mass with you, but I feel an even deeper sorrow that I can receive communion and you cannot receive holy communion at this time.  

I am absolutely no more worthy than you to receive our Holy Eucharistic Lord Jesus during this difficult time in human history, but I do so lifting you up in my thoughts and prayers.  

Despite the sadness of the situation, it is up to us to choose to trust our Lord during these uncertain days.  As I have said many times, Christians are neither pessimistic or optimistic we are realists....and so we do not choose to say the coffee cup is half full or half empty, rather we say,  “Thank God I have a coffee cup. “ 

During these trying times, we will look at this adversity directly in the face and say thank God that He has given us life and has promised us eternal life as well.  Every day, especially the Lenten season, invites us to reflect more profoundly on and live out more fully the passion of our Lord Jesus.  Therefore, let us endure this present trial not only through Lenten reflections, but especially through the prism of the light of faith in His Resurrection.

God is purging and purifying us.  Let us choose to trust in His goodness despite whatever pains and trails we must endure particularly during this present testing.  We are not alone, He is with us.  We are temples of the Holy Spirit and He is guiding us.

I will lead the blind on their journey; by paths unknown I will guide them. I will turn darkness into light before them, and I will make crooked ways straight.  (Isa. 42:16)


Fr. Bob

LETTER FROM FR. BOB   03/22/20:

Good morning my dear friends, 

I offered The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for all of you this morning in our Saint Jude chapel.  I purposely celebrated Holy Eucharist during our diocesan TV Mass knowing that a lot of you were praying along with the televised Mass.  I wanted to be sure to be praying in unison with you.  

As the the laity are experiencing a painful fast from the Holy Eucharist, I hope that it creates a greater hunger and appreciation in the hearts of all the faithful; likewise, as priests are in exile from their good, faithful and beautiful people, I pray that all of my brother priests, myself included, grow in a greater love, devotion and appreciation of you. 

The Lord in His great mercy is teaching us patience and trust in His goodness and mercy.  Stay faithful and prayerful.  Stay safe.  Let us all use this purging time to grow in a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit that dwells within the hearts of His hungry souls.


Fr. Bob


LETTER FROM FR. BOB   03/19/20:


My dear beloved friends,
As a human family created by our one God, we must pull together to fight the coronavirus.  It is indiscriminate regardless of creed or no creed, political affiliation, race, age, or gender.

It is a common enemy that in the name of decency and charity we will fight by socially distancing ourselves.  While we stay home from Mass until at least April 1, please watch Mass on TV.

The following are options:

KDF for Sunday Mass at Corpus Christi Cathedral at 9:30am on Sunday’s.

EWTN for Daily Mass at 7:00am, 11:00am, 6:00pm and 11:00pm.

I highly encourage you to watch the Mass as a family and afterwards share with one another what message you got from the readings of the day.  Read the Scriptures, pray the rosary or pray and meditate quietly.  As we are being forced to seclude ourselves from a busy world during this painful time, we have an opportunity to deepen our relationship with God.

Let us remember to pray for all those who have been infected or died from the coronavirus and their families.  Likewise, please pray for all the medical professionals to remain safe and ask the Lord for a discovery of a new vaccine or medicines that will help in our fight against the virus.  As we pray for the easing of the coronavirus, let us hold each other in our thoughts and prayers.

Remember you are the temple of the Holy Spirit and Jesus dwells in you.  We are not alone and God will get us through these trying times.

Fr. Bob



My dear beloved friends,

There we will be no public mass in the Diocese Of Corpus Christi until April 1.  All Catholics are dispensed from the Sunday obligation.

Please know that private Masses will be offered by all the priests of the diocese including us priests at Most Precious Blood Parish.   We will be offering daily mass for the intentions in the bulletin, our families and of course for the intentions of the world as we go through this crisis together.   Let us faithfully hold each other in our thoughts and prayers. 

I highly encourage you throughout this whole time period to read and reflect on God‘s Holy Word.  Also, pray the rosary.  You can also fellowship online by using face time or other social media. 

I encourage us to continue to socialize, just do it through media. We need interaction with one another so please don’t forget to phone and check on family and friends or those who might be alone.

We are in a battle against a common enemy, the coronavirus, and bear in mind that it is our faith and hope that we will get us through these trying times.  Meanwhile, let us continue to pray unceasingly, obey all of the government ordinances and stay away from the public as much as possible.  Please remember to practice social distancing and proper hygiene. 

Again, God will get us through these difficult times but let us not forget that it is our Christian and charitable duty to save as many lives as possible.  Stay home. 

Know that you are NOT alone!  You are the temple of the Holy Spirit and though there will be no public Eucharistic Mass celebrations, Jesus is with you.   I hope families will pray together as the Gospel says “Where two or more are gathered in My name there I am in your midst.”

Fr. Bob


Religious Education (PK-8th) Announcement:  For the remainder of the 2019-2020 year, there will be no in-person classes for PK-8th grades.  Please continue the online Faith & Life component at (mycatholicfaithdelivered.com).

We will be verifying that your child has completed the required lessons for their grade level online. 

Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns mpbreled@yahoo.com 

The April First Holy Communion meeting has been postponed until further notice.  We will notify you as soon as possible regarding any additional changes to First Holy Communion dates.  Please stay healthy and safe!


High School/Life Teen: All classes for March have been cancelled.  Life Teen to resume April 5, 2020.   


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